4G Plus

Vodafone 4.5G

Now in Malta

The country’s fastest network ever is here!


Where is Vodafone 4.5G available?

Vodafone 4.5G was launched in Gozo on 23rd June, 2017

These speeds are now rolling out in Malta, starting from the North.

Check out where 4.5G is available on our full detailed coverage map.
Check back for updates on this rollout.

When do I get Vodafone 4.5G?

Vodafone 4.5G is automatically available for you to enjoy if you’re using a phone which supports it, in an area where 4.5G coverage is available.
Keep watching this space for more information on Vodafone 4.5G roll out to new areas.

Does Vodafone 4.5G work on my phone?

Please click here to find out which phones support Vodafone 4.5G

So, what exactly do you get with Vodafone 4.5G?

Higher speeds

With upgraded speeds in 4.5G areas, you can now enjoy up to an incredible 210mbps download speeds, meaning an online experience which is up to 60% faster than 4G!

Vodafone Quality and Reliability

Our network has won multiple awards and certifications for being the “best-in-test” in Malta and Gozo in the past few years. But that’s never been enough for us – this is the next step.

How much does Vodafone 4.5G cost?

It doesn’t cost a thing extra! You can use all your data on our superfast 4.5G network without additional charges.
    • Experience the best standard of service
    • HD Voice Crystal clear voice calls at no extra cost
    • 4G roaming in
      114 countries
    • Relax Internet on your mobile with no bill surprises