4G Plus

Vodafone 4G+

Now in Malta

The country’s fastest network ever is here!


Where is Vodafone 4G+ available?

Vodafone 4G+ was launched in Gozo on 23rd June, 2017

These speeds are now rolling out in Malta, starting from the North.

Check out where 4G+ is available on our full detailed coverage map.
Check back for updates on this rollout.

When do I get Vodafone 4G+?

Vodafone 4G+ is automatically available for you to enjoy if you’re using a phone which supports it, in an area where 4G+ coverage is available.
Keep watching this space for more information on Vodafone 4G+ roll out to new areas.

Does Vodafone 4G+ work on my phone?

Please click here to find out which phones support Vodafone 4G+

So, what exactly do you get with Vodafone 4G+?

Higher speeds

With upgraded speeds in 4G+ areas, you can now enjoy up to an incredible 210mbps download speeds, meaning an online experience which is up to 60% faster than 4G!

Vodafone Quality and Reliability

Our network has won multiple awards and certifications for being the “best-in-test” in Malta and Gozo in the past few years. But that’s never been enough for us – this is the next step.

How much does Vodafone 4G+ cost?

It doesn’t cost a thing extra! You can use all your data on our superfast 4G+ network without additional charges.
    • Experience the best standard of service
    • HD Voice Crystal clear voice calls at no extra cost
    • 4G roaming in
      114 countries
    • Relax Internet on your mobile with no bill surprises