HD Voice

HD Voice

Crystal clear sound calls with HD Voice service
With HD voice, every word is clearer, every phrase is distinct: it’s literally as
if the person who may be miles away is actually in the room with you.

Crystal clear voice calls at no extra cost

What makes HD Voice different and so much better than standard Voice technologies is that it allows crystal clear,
high definition calls while reducing background noise to a minimum. The wider frequencies used also mean that
voices sound far more natural. The quality of these calls is so great that you can have conversations even in
public places without the need to shout to be heard.

You heard it here first.

Vodafone is the first operator in Malta to offer this technology at no additional cost on all Vodafone to Vodafone calls. Vodafone customers with a handset supporting HD voice calling over 3G or 4G networkwill be able to experience HD voice when calling another Vodafone customer with a handset that also supports HD voice.

Does my device support HD Voice?

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