Home Internet

Who is Vodafone Home Internet & Telephone for?

Why is it aimed at small households?

How much data is consumed in standard online activities?

How can I test my internet speed?

What happens in the case of power outage?

What can I do to extend my Wi-Fi signal?

The signal strength indicator bars indicate low reception. What shall I check?

What should I do when the MODE indicator LED is Purple or Red?

Where is the best place to position my device in the house to obtain the best possible coverage?

What is the maximum number of connections the device supports?

Telephone - Can I use my existing set up?

Telephone - Can I use multiple phones with this connection?

Telephone - What should I do when I have no service?

Telephone - What will happen in the case of a power failure?

Telephone - What should I do if voice quality is poor or discontinuous?

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