02/03/07 & 06/08/06

Dar tal-Providenza

Dar tal-Providenza helps people with mental and physical disabilities insert themselves in the mainstream of society and daily life. It provides care to severely disabled people especially when the necessary facilities are lacking in their own home.

The Vodafone Malta Foundation has helped in the renovation of the swimming pool.

The Vodafone Malta Foundation, together with HSBC Care For Children Fund, have also supported Dar tal-Providenza by funding an OptiMusic Room for the residence. This project is an excellent example of how modern technology can help people with disabilities to develop their natural skills in a psychologically friendly environment. It helps these people attain more self-confidence so that they are further encouraged to socialise and remove the barriers that prevent them from participating fully in society. OptiMusic provides a fully interactive environment where the users are really in control. The effect they hear and see are all directly accomplished by their own actions.