Fixed Telephony

Fixed Telephony

At Vodafone, we understand that a fixed line service plays a crucial role in an organisation’s day-to-day operations. The business world may be increasingly mobile, but it’s still important to have robust fixed telecoms in your workplace to increase both efficiency and productivity.

How it works

  • Our Multichannel fixed telephony service offers highly competitive call rates while still allowing clients to either maintain their existing Direct Dial In (DDI) number or choose a fresh one.

  • This SIP trunk service is suitable for large-to-medium sized organisations for whom quality is paramount, require five (5) or more lines and have an On-Premise PBX. 


  • Adopting a holistic approach reduces costs and increases value through more effective management of fixed and mobile communications.

  • Consolidate your fixed and mobile suppliers and reduce the number of supplier relationships.

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