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SMSC -  What is Vodafone's SMS Service Centre No?

If you need to set Vodafone's SMS Centre No, you can do so by going into SMS Settings and setting the SMS Service Centre to +356941816.

APNS - How can i set up my smartphone for Vodafone's internet service?

If you are using a Smartphone which was not purchased from Vodafone, it is very likely that you need to set Vodafone's APN in order to access the internet. To do so, go into the device's connectivity settings and set a new APN with the following criteria :

APN Name: Connect

APN -  connect 

Username: Leave Blank

Password: Leave Blank

If you have problems setting up your APN, please visit If you have set up your APN but still cannot manage to connect please email us on or dial 247 from your Vodafone


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