The International Malta Open Dance Spectacular

Wheelchair dancing has been practised for over 27 years in different parts of the world, but it started to feature on the Malta scene in 1999. Later, the Malta Wheelchair Dancesport Association was set up in 2001 with the aim of teaching people in wheelchairs to dance in a similar format to non-disabled people.

Wheelchair dancing holds many benefits for participants, as may be evidenced by the looks of satisfaction on the dancers' faces. The wheelchair user can express the feeling of dance which has nothing to do with the use of the person's legs. Through the wheelchair and the use of arms and other parts of the body, movement is made in the same way as with non-disabled people. Moreover, participation on a social level, helps a person gain confidence and enjoy connecting with other people.

Wheelchair dancing is a sport and art that promotes social integration, whereby the non-disabled person may get to know the wheelchair user as a person rather than as somebody with a disability.