Welcome to the world of mobile marketing

Welcome to the world of mobile marketing – the new, exciting and highly effective way to connect with your customers. Vodafone can help you discover that power. We have extensive experience and expertise in mobile marketing and can help you plan, create, deliver and measure successful campaigns.

These pages will help explain and illustrate the unique power of mobile marketing to reach and engage with thousands of consumers in Malta. We have been working with leading brands to deliver effective campaigns that raise consumer interaction to new levels and deliver a more than satisfying return on investment.

We used Vodafone's Mobile Advertising service in November 2010 when we started to open on Sundays for the run-up to Christmas. We had great response from the public. In fact, a survey we held on the same Sunday showed that more than half of the people came to the shopping complex because they had received the SMS.

Edwin Borg - General Manager
The Point
We chose Vodafone Mobile Advertising because it is an excellent medium to target our consumers directly. It has a very high customer reach and most importantly it is cost efficient, viral and interactive. Edward Borg - Marketing Manager
Hudson Holdings Ltd.
Highest Reach You can reach more than 400,000 local consumers easily through our network.
Integrate Can be easily integrated with other forms of advertising in a holistic media plan.
Immediate No other medium can be as immediate and as direct as much as a mobile.
Cost Efficient Volume discounts and variable pricing depending on channels used.
Highly Targeted Reach your preferred customer segment according to the desired targeting parameters personalising content.
Viral Targeted audience can easily forward ads to friends, colleagues and family, thus getting additional value and exposure.
Interactive Get immediate feedback from customers, thus engaging customers through automatic dialogue building.