Mobile Email

BlackBerry® Internet Service

BlackBerry® Internet Service is the out-of-the-box service that comes with every BlackBerry® device.

Set-up is simple and requires no support.

BlackBerry push technology lets you receive your email effortlessly because messages are automatically pushed to your device.

With BIS you can:

  1. Access up to 10 work and personal email accounts
  2. Browse websites and instant messages
  3. Stay organised with access to your latest calendar, address book, task and memo pad information.


BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution

With the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution mobilising your workplace, you can make timely decisions based on the best information available, increasing productivity and boosting business performance.

Why choose BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution?

  1. Versatile - A single, flexible platform that offers what your organisation needs to mobilise enterprise apps and systems.
  2. Seamless - Integrates easily
  3. You're in Control - supports a range of services to enable you to manage end-user preferences centrally via agreed corporate IT Policies
  4. More Effective - By improving corporate information flow, BlackBerry can reduce the time your IT staff spend fire-fighting and frees them to focus on their priorities
  5. Hassle Free - It is simple to deploy, easy to implement and straightforward to administer
  6. More Secure - Supports market leading triple DEC and/or AES end-to-end encryption with over the air device security.