Office Internet

Vodafone’s Office Internet & Telephone just works:
it’s simple and reliable. Just plug in and browse.

Experience the reliable small office internet and telephone solution.

Get a stable internet connection with download speeds of up to 30Mbps . Plus, our fixed telephony gives you unlimited calls to all local landlines and Vodafone mobile numbers.

Being connected has bever been so easy!

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What makes Vodafone Office Internet & Telephone different?

Reliable Network
A quality connection you can trust.

Easy to Install
No cables, technicians or messy installation. Just plug in and start browsing!

Unlimited calls
Call any local landline and all Vodafone mobile numbers freely from your new telephone connection.

Limited time offer for Vodafone Customers!

€30 per month

Vodafone pay-monthly customers*


€35 per month

Vodafone top-up customers**

*Applicable to all Vodafone customers which are currently on a pay monthly plan

**Customers on Vodafone top-up for at least 6 months.

Price is fixed at €45 for non-Vodafone Customers. All rates are applicable on a 2 year agreement.

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    Designed specifically for small office spaces of up to 5 persons, who need a stable internet connection, to check their e-mails and complete their work effectively. This is why Vodafone Office Internet comes with an extensive data limit of 350Gb per month to ensure the best quality service for all our users.

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    Positioning your WIFI router properly around your office is an important part of your set up to ensure you have the most powerful signal to enjoy all the benefits of worry free internet. Finding the best position is simple. Plug your device in the spot you'd like to test and check two lights on the device:

    1. Signal Bars

    Firstly, find the most powerful signal. You're looking for 3 bars. The more bars, the stronger the signal.

    2. Mode

    Once you've found three signal bars, look at the Mode to check which Network you are using. The best signal is the Cyan light.

    • Constant cyan light - Perfect connection (Connected to 4G)
    • Constant dark blue light - Good connection (Connected to 3G)
    • Constant yellow light - Poor connection (connected to GPRS)