RELAX: It’s another first!



Keep browsing after reaching
your data allowance

What is RELAX?

It is our data pricing solution for both Top-Up plans and Pay Monthly plans,

giving you peace of mind while browsing on your mobile devices.


How do I purchase RELAX?

Data RELAX is triggered automatically once your allowance is consumed. You do not need to apply for RELAX.

Is there a way of checking how much data I’ve consumed?

Yes. Send a blank SMS to 16290 to be notified of the amount of data you have consumed since the beginning of that month. If you are a Top-Up customer, we will automatically notify you each time you have consumed 80 per cent of your Data RELAX pack. Meanwhile, Pay Monthly customers are notified via SMS for each two packs of Data RELAX consumed (i.e. for every €10 charged)

When does it expire? Do I have a time limit of use?

Mobile data assigned to you via RELAX, expires at midnight if you are on a Top-Up plan, and at the end of the month if you are on a Pay Monthly plan.

What happens if I consume my RELAX allowance?

For customers on Top-up Plans, once your RELAX allowance is consumed, another pack of data RELAX pack will automatically be repurchased. For customers on Top-up Plans, RELAX will continue to recur until a totality of 6.25GB is reached per month. Any data usage over and above the 6.25GB will then be charged at €0.02c/MB (minimum connections fee is that of €0.02/Mb). You will receive an SMS notification once you reach the 6.25GB data cap, stating the applicable charge of €0.02/Mb will apply thereon.

I am a Pay Monthly customer. How is Data RELAX billed each month?

On your bill, Data RELAX will be flagged as “GPRS Usage” (under “Local Usage”) and the charged amount will be tallied. This means that if you have used two packs of Data RELAX at €5 per pack, your bill will show the total data charged under Local Usage, which in this case, would be €10.

Can I remove Data RELAX?

Data RELAX is automatically incorporated in all Top-Up and Pay Monthly Vodafone plans as our discounted solution. Since removing Relax means paying more for your data usage (€0.10c per Mb), the option to remove it is not available.

What if I want to purchase more data?

You can buy more data online or via SMS, depending on whether you’re a Top-Up or a Pay Monthly customer.
If you’re on a Top-Up plan, visit the following link to buy more data online or send us the SMS word (check it out on to 16200 to apply for your chosen bundle via SMS.
If you are on a Pay Monthy plan visit the following link to find the add-ons available on your current plan You can apply for extra add-ons by sending an SMS with the bundle amount (example: 3GB) to 50915764. You will be notified once your add-on has been assigned.