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  • hide show What is My Vodafone App ? content

    With My Vodafone App you can take control of your top up account, giving you a quick way to keep track of your account on the move. You can quickly log in using your existing My Vodafone website account, check your current top up balance while tracking your bundles usage quicker, buying or even paying a bill.

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  • hide show How can I purchase additional bundles for my Top Up Plan? content

    You may do so by either sending SMS to 16200 with the respective activation code or visiting website 

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  • hide show What should I do if my phone gets lost or stolen? content

    It is important that you contact our Customer Care on 99999247 immediately so your connection will be barred from making outgoing calls until you are fully set up with a device.

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  • hide show How do I configure my device to start using Internet on my mobile? content

    There are configuration guides within this site to help you configure your device. Please visit Once you manage to setup your device, you should be able to start using Data and thus browse the internet.

    Configuring your phone is done only once, and you will be able to use Data anytime.

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    • What’s my number: 50915768
    • A free service enabling Vodafone customer to send a free message and receive the mobile number of the sim in use. 
    • Pre-Paid Menu: 16203
    • This is a free call and is used to recharge your account with a Voucher.
    • Customer Care: 247
    • This is a free call from any Vodafone number and you can call us for assistance.
    • Customer Care: +99999247
    • This will be charged at a normal rate from your landline, depending on the rates you have from the landline service provider or call us on this number while abroad and the call will be free of charge.
    • Credit Transfer
    • This is a service were you will be able to transfer credit from a Vodafone line to another Vodafone line. (Both lines need to be pre-paid). You can transfer €3.00 or €5.00.
    • SOS Credit: 16250
    • This is an emergency credit, where you are able to take €2.00 credit when you have less than €0.99c in your balance. Once you recharge your account €2.40 will be deducted. You can only request this SOS Service twice in between top-ups and at any time. For more information visit
    • Emergency Call: 112
    • This is a free emergency call for an Ambulance, Police &Fire
    • Your Mailbox: 909
    • This is the number you need to access your voicemail and listen to your voice messages. This service is free of charge.
    • Usage Check: 16290
    • Sending a message to this number will provide you usage information. This service is free of charge and applicable to Prepaid and Post paid.
    • Family & Friends: 16245
    • Calling 16245 will give you the possibility to set your preferred Vodafone Numbers. This service is free of charge and available only to Prepaid.

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  • hide show How can I use Internet on my mobile when abroad? content

    Vodafone customers can experience 4G speed in over 120countries. Rates will vary depending on your plan and on where you aretravelling. For information while travelling inside EU please click here. For all other countriesplease click here.

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