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    Setting up your Phone

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    To stay connected to the internet, it is important to set up your APN settings from your device.

    For more guidance on set up of your device, visit

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    Caller Identity

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    The Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) facility allows you to view the phone number of the person calling you. All mobile phones provide the CLIP service, meaning that phone numbers will show. However, the caller may have restricted the Caller ID, before making the call, therefore, preventing you from viewing the phone number. There may also be some restrictions, such as, incoming overseas call identity presentation. This service is normally dependent on the overseas network.

    Vodafone Malta Ltd. cannot guarantee that the CLI service will work while using your phone abroad. This is because the foreign network being used may not offer the CLI service. It may also depend on the international routing of the calls being made and received.

    Restricting Your Caller Identity

    Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR) allows you to prevent your mobile number from being displayed on the phone you are calling. To activate CLIR, follow the instructions from your mobile phone manual.

    To enable CLIR for a single call, certain phone models accept the following function; dial #31# before the called number.

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    Lost or Stolen Phone

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    If your phone is lost or stolen, contact us immediately on (+356) 99999247 so that we can bar your services from being used. You can then visit a Vodafone store with your ID card for a SIM card replacement.

    You can also set up Find My Phone if your devise supports it. Based on your type of phone, click on one of the below links to find out how:

    For Apple Devices:

    For Android Device:

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    Can I restrict my mobile phone from being used on the Vodafone Malta network?

    Provided that you possess the receipt of purchase or certificate of guarantee of the mobile phone and have the serial number (IMEI) of the mobile phone stated on either document, we will restrict use of the mobile phone from any other local network including Vodafone Malta.

    I am receiving anonymous calls (ID witheld), can you please inform me who the caller is?

    Due to the confidentiality of our customers details, we are unable to supply the caller's details. The caller's details may only be supplied to the client upon receipt of a Police request. Therefore, in such a case, you are requested to file a police report, who will then request such information from Vodafone Malta Ltd.

    Is it possible to locate a person, by means of a mobile phone?

    The mobile network is made up of cells in order to provide network coverage over various areas. Provided that the mobile is switched on, the mobile performs a location update randomly, meaning that the mobile phone updates with a particular cell in the vicinity. From the cell information we are able to tell the last location update which was made. Therefore, from the location update we are able to identify which cell was last used, however, as stated above, the location update happens randomly so the cell information may not always be useful. Also the cell may cover a vast area of land, which makes the search for a missing person even harder. All of this information is only supplied to the Police or Rescue Team upon a police report.

    Can I request my incoming call details?

    Vodafone Malta Ltd. is only to supply incoming call details by a Court Order Request. Therefore, incoming details cannot be supplied to you or the police.

    Are the actual calls/SMS messages content recorded by Vodafone Malta Ltd.?

    The contents of the calls/SMS messages are not stored and/or neither recorded. However the date/time and number of the call/SMS message are stored accordingly.

    What can be done to stop these malicious calls/SMS messages?

    Vodafone Malta Ltd. cannot take any action on the matter (e.g. informing client to stop calling/sending such calls/SMS), as we protect all our customers' details and their connections and we are not responsible for the content of the call/SMS. In such cases, we suggest that you file a police report.

    I am receiving malicious calls from a non-Vodafone Malta Ltd. customer. What must I do?

    You will still need to file a police report who will then request the information from the other network involved.

    If the caller has his/her ID witheld, will you still know the details of the person?

    Even though the ID is witheld, we will still know the number from where the calls originated. Provided that the number is a registered Vodafone Malta Ltd., we will be able to supply the caller's details to the Police upon receipt of a Police request.

    Can a third party request my call details?

    When a request for call details is made, the call details are never faxed and/or sent via mail and/or given out via telephone. The call details must be collected from our Retail and Customer Care Outlets by the person under whom the contract/mobile number was issued and are only given out upon verification of an ID Document. Therefore, it is virtually impossible that your call details are disclosed to a third party.

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    Privacy Policy

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    To view our privacy policy,