Sustainability report

Vodafone Malta - Sustainability report

Sustainability and Corporate
Social Responsibility Report

Vodafone Malta

Key Results

This report presents our key actions and results in areas which we feel are of particular importance to our stakeholders and to the Maltese community in general. These are just some of the results we have achieved:

Word from our CEO
Amanda Nelson

Operating Responsibly
and Ethically

  • Ethics, the Code of Conduct and our Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Health and Safety
  • Responsible Supply Chain Management

Empowering our Customers

  • Privacy and Security
  • Being Honest and Fair with our Customers
  • Child Safety Online

The value we give our people and their well being

  • Employee engagement and the people's survey
  • Value of diversity
  • Training and developing our people
  • Employee well-being and work life balance measures

Giving back to Society

  • The Vodafone Malta Foundation
  • The Vodafone Malta Foundation's transition Mobile for Good
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking care of our Environment

  • Adopting a greener approach through our operations, network and buildings
  • Radiation and Health