Hi, I’m TOBi,

Vodafone Malta’s new digital
assistant on Facebook Messenger.

If you need help with our products
and services, come have a chat with me!


Offering immediate, relevant support to resolve general customer queries, and constantly learning new skills and information, TOBi enables us to deliver a great customer experience, and we are only scratching the surface of what is possible with artificial intelligence (AI).

Traditionally, customers looking for help and advice are restricted to either connecting with an agent or using some of our self-service options to resolve their query. However, these options give customers little choice over how they can interact with us. AI blends these experiences offering self-service capabilities with an agent experience.

The technology is evolving extremely rapidly, but we believe TOBi has already cemented himself as a key part of the future of customer service at Vodafone.


I don’t need to sleep,
so I’m available 24/7
and reply instantly.


We are growing towards a
digital future, and it doesn’t get cooler than a digital assistant to help you out.


Need to pause our chat?
No problem, I’ll be here waiting to continue at your convenience.

A few of the topics I can help you out with are:

Guidance to pick a plan or bundle from our newest offers.

Instant support with all your digital needs, such as setting up your internet or managing your Vodafone account.

Answers to all our commonly asked questions so you can skip the queue when looking for general information.

And it can only get better from here.
I’m learning and growing every day, so watch this space!