When you arrive

Your mobile will automatically select the Vodafone preferred Network to benefit from the best Vodafone roaming rates.

Making Calls and SMS - Callback Roaming Services

You can use the callback service on all networks which have a roaming agreement with Vodafone Malta. All you have to do is dial *121*00356(the Maltese number you would like to call)# and then press SEND.

You will receive a message saying 'Wait for Callback'. After a couple of seconds, your phone will ring and it will call the person you wish to contact.

My account will start being charged with normal roaming costs once my contact replies. When calling any one of your Family&Friends number whilst abroad, you will be charged the full roaming callrates.

Receiving Calls & SMS

You can receive calls from Malta and any other country as long as you have credit in your account. Normal roaming rates apply.

How can I be reached?

Callers from Malta just have to use your local number as normal. Callers from other foreign countries, including the one you are visiting, will be able to contact you by dialling your mobile number together with the Maltese international prefix, that is, +356.

For roaming rates click here

How to check your account and top up

To check your credit when abroad, you just send a blank SMS to 16290 and you will receive a text with your credit balance and expiry date. The cost of this SMS is equivalent to the cost of sending an SMS to Malta. For example, a text sent whilst roaming in the EU will not cost more than 10c.

Online Top Up

You can top up your account when you are abroad over the internet – the same way you do in Malta.

Mobile SMS Top Up

Now you can top up anywhere by simply sending an SMS with your Pin as per below

  1. BOV
    1. 50616505 - €5
    2. 50616510 - €10
    3. 50616520 - €20
    4. 50616550 - €50
  2. HSBC
    1. 50616605 - € 5
    2. 50616610 - € 10
    3. 50616620 - € 20
    4. 50616650 - € 50

Topping up your prepaid account whilst abroad is FREE of charge!

Terms & Conditions apply

The standard SMS roaming charges will apply.


Your friends and family can top up your account from Malta by using their BOV debit or credit card at an ATM. They select ‘Other Services’ and ‘Mobile Top Up’ and then follow the instructions.

You will then receive a text advising that your credit has been topped up. Simple!

Topping up with Vodafone Prepaid vouchers

You can use a Vodafone Prepaid Top-Up Scratch Card by texting the number on the card to 16203. This service is free of charge.