Using your phone when abroad

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    Getting set up

    Some phones are automatically barred from working abroad. We do this for your security – to stop anyone who isn't authorised to use your phone from using it overseas. If you'll be using your phone abroad and want to make sure it'll work, please contact our Customer Care on 247.

    Getting your voicemail

    If you usually use your voicemail and would like to use it when abroad, remember to set diverts to 35699909909.

    Finding out costs

    To see how much it'll cost you to make and receive calls, sending texts and usage of internet from the country you're visiting, check out the relevant rates according to your plan on :

    Other Tips

    Don’t forget your mobile charger and remember that in some countries you might need an international adaptor.

    Download the My Vodafone App for FREE to keep track of your account on the move.

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    Welcome SMS

    Once you have arrived in your visting country & turned on your phone you'll receive a Welcome SMS from us. This SMS will inform your about the rates of calls, SMS & internet usage applicable on the network you have connected with. For more information about roaming rates visit

    Mobile Networks

    Your phone will automatically select the Vodafone preferred Network to benefit from the best Vodafone roaming rates. If this doesn't happen, you can manually search for a network by following these instructions:

    • Go to the Settings menu on your phone
    • Go on Connections
    • Choose More Networks
    • Choose Mobile Networks
    • Go to Network operators
    • Select Search networks and Pick a Network

    In case you lose your mobile or your mobile got stolen: If you need to make an insurance claim, you have to report the loss to the local police of the visiting country. You will be given an official report which should then be forwarded to your insurance company upon your return. It is very important to remember to contact us on 247 to lock your SIM card so as to avoid any misuse of you phone!!

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    Making and Receiving Calls

    Receving Calls and SMSes when roaming in EU is completely FREE of charge. Normal Roaming rates may apply whilat roaming in Non-EU countries. Check the applicable Non-EU roaming rates on your plan on:

    To make a call, remember to dial the country prefix. For example if your are calling a Maltese number, make sure that you have dialled the Maltese prefix i.e. 00356 before your friend’s number, or else the call will not reach your friend.

    Callers from Malta just have to use your local number as normal. Callers from other foreign countries, including the one you are visiting, will be able to contact you by dialling your mobile number together with the Maltese international prefix, that is, 00356.

    Accessing and receiving calls in your voicemail will be charged according to your roaming tariff.

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    Spend Caps and Notifications

    Data roaming spend caps and notifications help you control your costs when you're abroad. Data Roaming spend caps are disabled when opting for a different roaming tariff that is not the standard Vodafone World Rates.

    How much are the spend caps?

    The standard spend cap is at €59 (incl.VAT, excl. Excise)

    How do they work?

    We'll text you when you're away telling you how much you've spent on data roaming well before you reach the standard monthly spend cap. When you reach the spend cap, we'll send you another text and you will not be allowed to continue using internet whilst abroad. The counter for the spend cap is re-set at the beginning of each month.

    How do spend caps work with any Roaming tariff which is not the standard Vodafone World Rates?

    Spend caps do not apply to non-standard Vodafone Roaming tariffs.

    Opting in and out of spend caps

    You're automatically opted in to data spend caps and notifications, if you are on the standard Vodafone World Rates. You can opt out at any time, but we don't recommend it as they're in place for your benefit—to avoid high data charges when you're abroad. If you choose to opt out of the spend cap, your roaming plan will not be affected.

    How to opt out

    Call 247 or 99999247

    How to opt back in

    Call 247 or 99999247

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    Online Top Up: You can top up online wherever you are using My Vodafone App !

    Topping up with Vodafone Prepaid vouchers: You can use a Vodafone Malta Prepaid Top-Up Scratch Card by texting the number on the card to 16203. This service is free of charge.