How Voicemail works

You access Voicemail on 356 9990 9909. Once activated, you will receive an SMS every time you have a new voicemail. You can receive 30 two-minute messages at a time. Voicemail keeps new messages for 20 days and old messages for 10 days.

How to activate this service

You can set a divert to 00356 909 from your mobile phone settings or can also dial these codes:

To divert all calls...
when you're busy *67*0035699909909# send
when you're not reachable *62*0035699909909# send
when there is no answer *61*0035699909909# send

Voicemail Security Code

Your Voicemail is accessible through another line using the security code 9999. You can use the Modify menu on your Voicemail to change this code to any 4-digit number that doesn’t match the last four digits of your mobile number.

What it costs

Voicemail is FREE 24 hours a day, 7 days as week, as long as you are in Malta To access it call 00356 99909909.

You can also record your own greeting for free, so that your callers will know that they have dialled the right number. All you have to do is call 00356 9990 9909, press 3 to modify and then select 2 and start recording.

Your Guide

You have the following options on Voicemail

  • To play your messages Press 1
  • To listen to the options menu Press *
  • To save your message and play next Press 6
  • To delete your message and play next Press 5
  • To return to your main menu Press *1

  • To enter your Modify Menu Press 3
  • To personalise your greeting Press 2
  • To delete your greeting Press 2 5
  • To record you voice signature Press 1
  • To activate your long Absence greeting Press 3
  • To edit your Password Press 4
  • For your Help Menu Press 8

  • To repeat your choices Press #


Notes: You do not have to wait for the voice prompts if you know which key to press.